1.Manufacturing type of bearing

2.Supplying types of electronic equipment

3 .Manufacturer set of spare parts of turbins and compressors

4.Supplying types of Casing and Tubing pipes

5. Activity in field of telecommunication



Almo Trading have follow equipments
1.Plant of metal constructions
2.Quality control unit
3.Panel planet
4.Bearing factories
5.Designing offices


About Us

Almo Group has established itself targeting chemical and petrochemical, Oil & Gas Projects. Having employed more than 30 educated and qualified staff, the company is reaching to a point to be the main supplier of the Middle East.


Contact Us

Almo Trading Gmbh Almo Trading GmbH Our office is located within the company’s building.Address: Zeil 29-31 ,60313 Frankfurt am Main
Phone: +49-69 40802990 -92

Breakthrough technology

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